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  • Tourist attractions

    • Kamogawa Seaworld

      A popular spot where you can start a show of orca and dolphin, enjoy the laughing sea lion and sea otter penguin meal scenery.Discovery guidance attractive with animals is also being held in good condition.
    • Mother Farm

      Mother Farm is near from the city center and can enjoy from children to adults.Contact with rich nature is attractive.A vast site and about 60 times the size of the Tokyo Dome, plants full of greenery make you feel symbiosis with lovely animals.Mother farm tour with the theme of "seeing, touching and learning animals" is also popular.
    • Tokyo Germany Village

      (About two hours by car)
    • Nojima-Saichi Lighthouse

      (About 3 minutes by car)
    • Aloha Garden Tayajima (Old South India Paradise)

      (Approximately 15 minutes by car)
    • Family Park

      (Approximately 15 minutes by car)
    • Shirahama Beach

      Mecca of swimming.In summer you can enjoy playing beach on the sand.There are many rocky places and fishing spots where you can play in the island.A submarine perspective ship is out from Nojimazaki where a lighthouse can be seen.
    • Tateyama wild bird forest

      Natural forest aiming for symbiosis of people and birds.We also offer hotel recommended walking course.For details, please contact the hotel.
    • Road station and Miura

      Information transmission base located in Tomiura Town, a famous place of Tomiura Town.There are cafes surrounded by flowers and shops full of poor goods.He won first prize at "Nationwide Road Station Contest" in 2000.You can enjoy strawberry picking, flower picking, edible rape flower picking in the farm near you.
    • South South Paradise

      A park with the theme of interaction with nature.You can enjoy the tropical world full of flowers, the sea and the sun.
  • 【spring】

    • Strawberry picking

      (Owned several in Minamiboso City · Tateyama city)
  • 【summer】

    • Swimming in the Ocean

      (About 5 minutes by car)

      There is a pick-up service from the hotel.Other locations also have a beach
    • Fireworks Festival

      (About 20 minutes by car)

      Tateyama will take place in August at several places in Tateyama City and Minamiboso City.
  • 【autumn】

    • Autumn Foliage

      (About 20 minutes by car)

      Komatsuji in Chikura is famous.It is autumn leaves late than normal time.

  • 【winter】

    • Petals

      (About 10 minutes by car)
    • Illumination

      (Number or possession)