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  • GoTo Travel Campaign

    It is said that GoTo Travel will resume in 2022.
    The hotel is also a member of the available registration facilities, but reservations made through the website are not eligible for discounts.
    Jalan net, " "Rakuten Travel," and "Rurubu Travel" at this facility.Please make a reservation from there.

Facility Information

  • Room

    Enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean from your room.
    All rooms are non-smoking.There is a smoking space in the facility.
    We also have rooms with two rooms available so we can accommodate from small groups to group customers.

  • An example of a Japanese-style room

    Spacious Japanese style room with a view of the superb view of the ocean view from the window.Of course, you can use it in the family as well.
  • An example of a Western-style room

    This room was renewed in July 2008.Although it can not hope for scenery as it is the mountain side, it is possible to stay at reasonable rates.Recommended for couples and business.
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Hotel Name

Grand Hotel TAIYO


3535-5 Shirahama, Shirahama Town, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture

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About 30 minutes from via Tateyama Expressway Tomiura IC from Aqua-Line
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