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Multicolored, flavored flowers, seafood

Seafood to taste fully

Seafood dishes using fresh fish shellfish caught in the Minamiboso sea.The chef himself is procuring and offering creative dishes.

We will prepare various plan according to your budget, such as sashimi of Japanese Spiny Lobster and dumpling of abalone from delicacy such as deep-frying of whales and steaks.

Enjoy the hospitality with colorful seafood dishes!

Seafood Buffet Fun plan

  • 60 Japanese, Western and Chinese seafood buffet plan!

    A 1.7m oversized boat is now available! Crabs too! Sushi too! Steak too! All-you-can-eat desserts that everyone loves!
  • An example of a buffet

  • All-you-can-drink Included Plan

    [plan contents]
    Seasonal sale is being held only from April to June at the sister building!
    ★Minamiboso Grand Hotel TAIYO has become a sister building to Shimoda Jyuraku hotel★

    This plan is "90 minutes with all-you-can-drink" at dinner.

    It's much more reasonable than the regular all-you-can-drink plan

    An affordable buffet plan with all-you-can-drink for 60 Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes!

    ○ All-you-can-drink for 90 minutes
      Japanese sake,Draft Beer,Shouchu (distilled spirit),whisky,Soft drinks
      ※Please note that all group members are required to apply.
    ○, Dinner, Dining Hall, Buffet

    ○, Breakfast, Dining Hall, Buffet

    ※ Supper is usually until 20:00, so please come by 18:00. ..
    ※ Depending on the day, the dinner buffet may be divided into two parts(From 17:30, from 19:00)
      Please note that we will specify your time in order of arrival (can not be booked).

    ○, Bath
      Natural Hot Springs, Meraijima Onsen-no-yu (Salt fountain)
      Bathroom by gender(Indoor bath,Open Air Bath)
      Replacement system
      Hours of operation 15:00 to 24:00 5:30 to 9:30

    ※ Please understand that the toilet in the 18m2 Japanese-style room is not a washlet type.
      If you would like a washlet toilet, please apply in a room of 12 + 8 square meters.

    ※ Access Precautions Some navigation systems may guide you through the narrow alleys behind the hotel.
      Please come from the street by the sea because it is narrow and dangerous.